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News - March 2018

Build Update 22A.02.00 Recently Posted

As of 10pm EST Feb 22, 2018, we completed posting and download testing our newest CHT Build, numbered 22A.02.00. The latest WebupdaterC10 version associated with this latest build is: FEB.28.2018.C280218

This interim CHT Build Update brings with it the following:

reddot.png WebupdaterC10 Version FEB.28.2018.C280218

Note to update laggards: If your WebupdaterC10 title bar reports a Webupdater version date earlier than JAN.18.2018 you may be encountering issues with WebupdaterC10's self-update feature. You should, as soon as feasible, pick up a WebupdaterC10 pre-installer (i.e. CHTSETUP.MSI) from our installer download site: here.
Note to update regulars: Thanks for your diligence in keeping up with your CHT updates. We hope you will continue to regularly check for CHT updates. We've instituted a "What's New at CHT" awareness procedure that we think you will find faster and more satisfying than our past procedures.

reddot.png CHTTODO.CLW - How to get to know what's been changed in any new CHT update.
After you've completed performing a CHT update with this latest WebupdaterC10, please take the time to open the latest "22A TODO LIST" document that's included. You can reach it, as always, from the Windows 10 Alpha Menu under "Clarion Handy Tools C10". This document consists of a single file called "CHTTODO.CLW" located in directory, /accessory/hnd/todo/. This latest version of the document, brings you up to date with changes made to the CHT Toolkit between the dates NOV.11,2017 and FEB.28,2018. The file is structured oldest to newest, so the newest entries are at the bottom.
The menu item that opens this document looks like this:


reddot.png NEW SECTION: "Developers Please Try This"
At the very end of this CHTTODO.CLW file is a new section entitled "DEVELOPERS - PLEASE TRY THIS". We hope you'll take the time to read and try the two short learning tasks we've placed there. These will become a regular feature for all of 2018. These are small, familiarity tasks we ask you to perform that will help you to grow as a Clarion+CHT user, and they will tie in to our 2018 videos page. Videos will start appearing there early February 2018 and continue throughout the year.

Many of our "Please Try This tasks and 2018 Videos will reference changes, applications, and other CHT features that you will not find unless you've updated to this CHT 22A.02.00 build (or later).

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